“What’s up with iD?”

I’ve been asked this question countless times, in various forms, since becoming a full-time maintainer of the project last January. At times I even ask it myself. Keeping up with dozens of conversations about iD every single day—across GitHub, Slack, Twitter, mailing lists, and elsewhere—is a constant challenge.

What’s coming in the next version? Why was a particular change made? Where’s the app headed this year? The answers are often buried in one of 7000 GitHub posts or on some platform you don’t frequent.

Enter the iD Blog: a central place to find the what, how, and why behind iD.

Release overviews, deep dives into niche features, mapping tips and tricks, development insights, community news, upcoming events—if it’s iD-related at all then it could land here. Posting is also not restricted to maintainers. You may well see posts from contributors, mappers, and other community members.

Longtime mappers may now be thinking to themselves, “Didn’t iD already have a blog?” Indeed it did! Or rather, posts about iD used to appear regularly on Mapbox blogs. They tell an invaluable story about the early days of the project.

Let’s keep the story going.