Joyous January! iD version 2.17.1 is now live for editing. This patch focuses on bug fixes and little niceties but also brings a few new tricks. See the changelog for details.

Reordering Field Values

demo of reordering motorway link destination values in the iD 2.17.1 inspector

Many fields take multiple, ordered values. For example, destinations on highway exits should typically be listed the way they appear on signage. You can now reorder these values via drag-and-drop. Simple!

This feature was originally submitted by Arjun Gupta.

Power Plant Feature Types

inspecting a solar farm feature in iD 2.17.1

Different types of power stations are now easier to add, including solar and wind farms, nuclear and hydroelectric plants, and fossil fuel-burning facilities. Find out where your local power comes from and get it on the map 🔌

New Icons



fireworks store

j-bar lift


water well

Various feature types sport new icons as part of our continued effort to keep features easily distinguishable. Also check out icons we added in v2.17.0.

You can download or contribute to iD’s public domain icons at the Temaki project.

Note to Developers

We’ve dropped support for Node 8, which reached end-of-life on December 31st, 2019. Node 10 or higher is now required when building iD.


As always, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who makes the iD community strong. Get involved!

iD v2.17.1 includes pull requests from six outside contributors: @andrewharvey, @hikemaniac, @mapmeld, @sguinetti, @TAQ2, @tastrax.